Beauty Face

22 Oct , 2014   Video

This week I tried a setting for taking photos on my phone called Beauty Face. Not sure what I was expecting (beauty?), but every photo is a stone cold minger. The creases of my face are that little bit more ingrained than I remembered and my hair is going from ‘distinguished’ to laughably grey, like […]



15 Sep , 2014   Video

This week, I found myself somewhat incensed by the mid-Atlantic and mildly-amused intonation of an ABC announcer extolling the virtues of a documentary of the decade which apparently ‘changed everything’, the 60’s. Boomer self congratulation knows no bounds and continues to shamelessly parades itself, largely unchallenged. Let’s run a quick inventory; that business on the […]



20 Aug , 2014   Video

Did you happen upon that ‘drummers are actually really clever’ meme that’s been doing the rounds of late? Apparently, playing in time is a form of problem solving, indicating a modicum of intelligence. Am I the only person that feels this is the scientific equivalent of a headline confirmation of earth’s non-flatness? Excruciating axioms aside, […]