Jindabyne EP

You Know What I Did Last Summer

26 May , 2015  

Jindabyne by Sam Price What a stunning package my new release ‘Jindabyne’ makes in its vinyl form; as I sit and look a it, I still can’t quite believe it. You can see some pics of it on the bandcamp here. Massive credit due to the spot-on art direction of Heath Killen who not only […]

Jindabyne EP

Coming Soon..

31 Jan , 2015  



Beauty Face

22 Oct , 2014   Video

This week I tried a setting for taking photos on my phone called Beauty Face. Not sure what I was expecting (beauty?), but every photo is a stone cold minger. The creases of my face are that little bit more ingrained than I remembered and my hair is going from ‘distinguished’ to laughably grey, like […]