Digital Mythology

21 Jul , 2014   Video

To the victor the spoils, as true for culture as it is for war. Making enduring art isn’t enough, one has to be able to commandeer the writing of history to be said to have conquered. Witness the boomer tropes that refuse to lie down and take their place in the cannon; these living gods […]



7 Jul , 2014   Video

Today was a red letter day. Given the little time one has to fritter during working hours under the auspices of paid leave, a family trip was called for. We had our hearts set on an expedition to the local mediaeval theme park, our curiosity about it had to be sated. That this place exists […]



30 Jun , 2014   Video

The simple beauty of turning the pedals brings much pleasure. The rhythm of exertion, balancing breathing against the insistent pain in the muscles. This week has brought high wind and rain, which whilst not pleasant per se, still somehow contribute to the vitality of the activity. A solid battering of precipitation, buffeted by freezing winds, […]