Listening habits

3 Mar , 2012  

Drums on Tetra from sam price on Vimeo. I’d long suspected that part of my enjoyment of music was based in nostalgia when I read Theodore Adorno’s 1938 essay ‘On the Fetish Character in Music and the Regression of Listening’. There’s little I could add to Adorno’s commentary of how ‘the familiarity of a piece […]



25 Feb , 2012  

Application from sam price on Vimeo. A friend asked me recently what I was thinking when putting my stuff together. Inherent in the question is not just the sense that I can transfer meaning from projecting my emotions into the work itself but furthermore, that the work has a meaning beyond the notes themselves, an […]


The sound and the shape

11 Feb , 2012  

Patterns’n’sounds from sam price on Vimeo. I don’t think there’s anything particularly new or challenging about stating the interdependence between sound and form within music. Within the electronic realm we are able to conceptualise sound and realise musical structures with a greater degree of flexibility than was hitherto possible. We can try out an idea […]