20 Aug , 2014   Video

Did you happen upon that ‘drummers are actually really clever’ meme that’s been doing the rounds of late? Apparently, playing in time is a form of problem solving, indicating a modicum of intelligence. Am I the only person that feels this is the scientific equivalent of a headline confirmation of earth’s non-flatness? Excruciating axioms aside, […]


Back to the drums

4 May , 2014  

I got fed up of hitting pads and returned to the drums for a period of contemplation. They’re a tough mistress and brook no nonsense. I even purchased some more drums for the first time in over a decade, a red sparkle Rogers Tower set which I’ve paired with a Ludwig Standard snare. I was […]


The Important Bit

30 May , 2012  

New Functionality from sam price on Vimeo. Music has continued to be made whilst I took a short break from writing here. Now that I’ve hit upon the MO which I’m set upon exploring for the foreseeable future, talking about it seemed like an extravagance. I also rediscovered a truth, that my methods, whilst occasionally […]