1 May , 2012  

Playing a Tune from sam price on Vimeo. Much fun was had this week working on the tune below. Vid on the technical aspects above. It did rather bring home the reality that getting your left foot to control the parameters which outline the form of a tune, whilst playing same with the remaining three […]


The Instrument

23 Apr , 2012  

Getting There from sam price on Vimeo. Things are definitely hotting up when it comes to my rig. My remit has broadened somewhat; I’m no longer thinking of it in terms of a ‘live setup’ or even as a collection of components but as a single instrument which, if I get really good at playing […]



25 Mar , 2012  

Pad music from sam price on Vimeo. Given my preoccupation with using a computer to generate streams of data which I use to make music, it may seem a little perverse that my current chimera involves removing the laptop from my solo performance rig. As discussed last week, I think the laptop functions beautifully as […]