18 Mar , 2012  

Improv with Reaper from sam price on Vimeo. What makes for an engaging electronic music performance? As is usual on this page, a universal response is not forthcoming but here’s where I’m at with it: I remember getting freebie tickets to see the Orb at RAH in 1998. I wasn’t expecting a Damascene conversion to […]



10 Mar , 2012  

Scales from sam price on Vimeo. I have preferences when it comes to how I do things. These emerge from the belief that the ‘how’ will profoundly influence the outcome (but not the extent to which anyone should care about same). You may have noticed that my current solo output differs somewhat from that which […]



20 Feb , 2012  

Chance from sam price on Vimeo. Building expectation and then playing with same seems to be a large part of this music thing. Much of the music I enjoy has an open or freewheeling character, introduced by compositional choices that aren’t employed for purely functional reasons. Such choices are particularly effective as we move away […]