4 Feb , 2012  

Gear overview from sam price on Vimeo.

Around the end of November, I started working on solo material again in earnest. It quickly became apparent that I was looking to make an entirely electronically generated sound; a significant departure from my usual electro-acoustic approach.
The above video talks about the gear I settled on to make this new material. Probably more interesting is the why..
As in all matters musical, constraint was a major consideration in assembling this rig – whatever I chose to use, it had to facilitate an involving live performance (with no recourse to nasty cheats).
The drum pads allow me maintain a kinaesthetic relationship to the music and its development. The small boxes that make sound (synthesizers) let me manage sound production discretely, away from SuperCollider and the Linux environment. This eases the burden on SuperCollider which is being used to generate most of the midi information to drive and control these boxes.
An additional feature of discretising synthesis is that it forces me to get more out of the synths themselves and, in performance, less time is spent managing connections in Jack / messing around with the lappy in general. This does mean that plenty more time spent manually patching and reconfiguring my devices but that only invites serendipity, right?
Here’s the first track I played live as proof of concept:

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