Back to the drums

4 May , 2014  

I got fed up of hitting pads and returned to the drums for a period of contemplation. They’re a tough mistress and brook no nonsense. I even purchased some more drums for the first time in over a decade, a red sparkle Rogers Tower set which I’ve paired with a Ludwig Standard snare. I was careful to explain to the Noonan stave kit that it was getting a new sibling and so far, everyone’s getting along swimmingly..
I’m still very focused on improvising with electronics and have added an OWL pedal to the rig I’ve been taking out for gigs with Peon. This keeps a foot in the hacking game but I’ve no desire to bring a computer back on stage. It’s a literal barrier and, when it comes to electro-acoustic performance, the link between what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing as an audience member can be tenuous at the best of times regardless of technology utilised. Strain the gestural / perceptual relationship too far with your audience and impact is lost.
Impact – for me this is about mood and groove. There’s a Geoff Dyer painting where I work that I go out of my way to view, it has an otherwordly uncanniness that resonates so strongly with me.
Anyhow, the studio is set up once more and I hope to be posting new work regularly, here’s the first entry:

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