9 Jun , 2014   Video

The arrow of time flies only in one direction. Flesh will corrupt and minds fog until the inevitable end. In the dark glow of this inescapable reality, hope is absurd and revolt is the sole realistic option left us.
Art gives us ample opportunity to manifest this revolt and reclaim human vitality; celebrating our imperfect existence, realising a commonality beyond photographs of what we ate for dinner last night.
My own pedestrian existential crises are, no doubt, what drive me to make stuff. Along with my experiences, they may even inform the subject matter, where such a thing is readily discernible.
Chance / randomness probably plays the greatest part in the ‘how’ of my practice but it would be remiss to claim that it doesn’t also feature heavily in the ‘why’.
Building an environment which allows for man / machine improvisation can be as simple as allowing a sample and hold to pick your note choice and then play along. However, the ear quickly discerns that the dialogue is limited and the narrative directionless.
So begins the journey to abandon the control illusion and surrender to the void, chasing the line between chaos and music. Technology allows us to be very precise about the degree and application of randomness within a given piece and this, for me, is why it’s fun to work with.
Interestingly, randomness is reigned in by blending with repetition; phrases, cliché and form all employed to tame the beast with musical context. This considered use of determinism returns us back to control again whilst acknowledging that which lies beyond, an uneasy truce..

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