Jindabyne EP

You Know What I Did Last Summer

26 May , 2015  

What a stunning package my new release ‘Jindabyne’ makes in its vinyl form; as I sit and look a it, I still can’t quite believe it.
You can see some pics of it on the bandcamp here.
Massive credit due to the spot-on art direction of Heath Killen who not only had a hand in naming this beast, he also suggested using Wouter Van De Voorde‘s amazing photography for the cover, a real coup.
This recording was born of wanting to make something beautiful, real and physical.
Now it exists, one has to engage with the game of promoting it to some extent – it’s the least you can do for your art-babies.
Still, it’s an onerous task for someone like me, who makes the stuff in response to the questions that pose themselves through the business of living, both musical and existential.
Twitter, facebook, reviews, even updating this site are so far removed from the process of creation yet they seem to be paramount.
Does the work even exist without them?
Of course it does to me, hell, I’ve got two boxes of it, but I made the work and have a unique relationship to it.
In short, I love it. I love it’s feel, subject matter and brutal honesty. I even enjoy listening to it still, which is quite the achievement when you’ve had to mix and master a project yourself, with the repeated and deep listening that requires.
Sharing it with you puts it into another realm however.
I don’t know if I can influence your perception of it. I don’t know if I’d want to even if that were possible.
And that statement explains why I sometimes struggle to write material on this site; words can appear like a validation for an experience that, I believe, should be taken on its own terms.
Nothing wrong with a bit of hand-holding; I love to read the words beside the painting, once I’ve appreciated the painting…
Am I putting too much faith in my own ability to determine ‘good’ or ‘relevant’ art with such a stance?
Maybe. The alternative is to offer one’s taste up to crowd-sourcing, an unlikely choice for any aspiring iconoclast.
Still, I acknowledge that this is probably not the strongest basis on which to promote one’s own material; the paradox of being antagonised by the prevailing cultural hegemony into making art and then having to engage with that same machine to ‘get it out there’ is real.
But I made a sexy 45rpm, 12″ white vinyl record and am going to ride that high for a while, do join me if you care to.

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