20 Feb , 2012  

Chance from sam price on Vimeo. Building expectation and then playing with same seems to be a large part of this music thing. Much of the music I enjoy has an open or freewheeling character, introduced by compositional choices that aren’t employed for purely functional reasons. Such choices are particularly effective as we move away […]


The sound and the shape

11 Feb , 2012  

Patterns’n’sounds from sam price on Vimeo. I don’t think there’s anything particularly new or challenging about stating the interdependence between sound and form within music. Within the electronic realm we are able to conceptualise sound and realise musical structures with a greater degree of flexibility than was hitherto possible. We can try out an idea […]



4 Feb , 2012  

Gear overview from sam price on Vimeo. Around the end of November, I started working on solo material again in earnest. It quickly became apparent that I was looking to make an entirely electronically generated sound; a significant departure from my usual electro-acoustic approach. The above video talks about the gear I settled on to […]