22 Jun , 2014   Video

The aspirational profile picture, a touchstone of self in the time of solipsistic reverie… With the right to be forgotten recently enshrined into European law and the ensuing wringing of hands about what this could mean for our digital lives, I’ve been reflecting on what happens prior to the need to return to anonymity. Our […]



15 Jun , 2014   Video

On my commute, I often pass a ute with a huge sign in the back that reads ‘Signs’. This amuses me and I may yet take a photo of it. If only the true indicators of the zeitgeist were so readily identifiable. I was reminded this week of a film (They Live) which, although clunky […]



9 Jun , 2014   Video

The arrow of time flies only in one direction. Flesh will corrupt and minds fog until the inevitable end. In the dark glow of this inescapable reality, hope is absurd and revolt is the sole realistic option left us. Art gives us ample opportunity to manifest this revolt and reclaim human vitality; celebrating our imperfect […]