Back to the drums

4 May , 2014  

I got fed up of hitting pads and returned to the drums for a period of contemplation. They’re a tough mistress and brook no nonsense. I even purchased some more drums for the first time in over a decade, a red sparkle Rogers Tower set which I’ve paired with a Ludwig Standard snare. I was […]


The Important Bit

30 May , 2012  

New Functionality from sam price on Vimeo. Music has continued to be made whilst I took a short break from writing here. Now that I’ve hit upon the MO which I’m set upon exploring for the foreseeable future, talking about it seemed like an extravagance. I also rediscovered a truth, that my methods, whilst occasionally […]



1 May , 2012  

Playing a Tune from sam price on Vimeo. Much fun was had this week working on the tune below. Vid on the technical aspects above. It did rather bring home the reality that getting your left foot to control the parameters which outline the form of a tune, whilst playing same with the remaining three […]