The Instrument

23 Apr , 2012  

Getting There from sam price on Vimeo. Things are definitely hotting up when it comes to my rig. My remit has broadened somewhat; I’m no longer thinking of it in terms of a ‘live setup’ or even as a collection of components but as a single instrument which, if I get really good at playing […]



16 Apr , 2012  

You Need One from sam price on Vimeo. The commodification of music is now entirely fait-accompli. I know this because of what transpires when I’m asked if I like pop music. Instantly, I stumble at the question; somewhere in my brain, there is a part of me that knows the socially acceptable answer is to […]



7 Apr , 2012  

Given a direct choice between reality and artifice, I believe I’m most likely to choose the former. This concept has underpinned much of my creative practice. Even when beat cutting / pasting was at the height of its popularity, I’d be stuck behind the drums all day trying to get a take.. Similarly, the desire […]