31 Mar , 2012  

This evening, as I was cooking the curry (not a colloquialism), I thought I’d put on a modern popular film. Its title is almost irrelevant. The film quickly sets up an improbable premise set in a land of polarised emotions / relationships in the not too distant past. Are they actual eighties toys? Oh, the […]



25 Mar , 2012  

Pad music from sam price on Vimeo. Given my preoccupation with using a computer to generate streams of data which I use to make music, it may seem a little perverse that my current chimera involves removing the laptop from my solo performance rig. As discussed last week, I think the laptop functions beautifully as […]



18 Mar , 2012  

Improv with Reaper from sam price on Vimeo. What makes for an engaging electronic music performance? As is usual on this page, a universal response is not forthcoming but here’s where I’m at with it: I remember getting freebie tickets to see the Orb at RAH in 1998. I wasn’t expecting a Damascene conversion to […]